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Electrical Hot Knife For Cutting Fibre Optic Cable
Our Hot Knife is used for cut the ends of fiber in the Fiber Head. The unit has a copper 3/4" wide blade for smooth cutting. Comes with instructions. Not USED for Cutting fiber ONLY melting in Harness into light units.
  • Main Material:Copper cutting head, Electric soldering iron

  • Power:110V/220V

  • Application:Optic Fiber tool

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Product Details
Product Details


  • For best results, follow these guidelines:
  1. Allow the hot knife to pre-heat before cutting.
  2. Begin cutting as soon as the blade is hot enought to cut fibers.
  3. Do not let the blade become overheated. It may smear the fibers instead of cutting them. If this occurs, recut the fiberhead.
  4. Use the following diagram as an example of the correct cutting position of the blade. Note the bevel orientation.
  5. Do not use a sawing motion. Apply a steady, constant and straight pressure on the fibers, letting the heat cut the fibers.

  • Hot Knife for Fiber Optic Cable For many applications, such as lighting and model making. "Hot knifing" the end of a plastic optical fiber is entirely adequate and saves a lot of time - compared to cutting and hand polishing. Used like a soldering iron or wood burning tool to cut fiber optic cable flush and square to light source.
  • Voltage: 120 Volt AC
  • Wattage: 60
  • Blade is 1" wide
  • Power Cord is 4' 8" in length
  • UL Listed

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Subject : Electrical Hot Knife For Cutting Fibre Optic Cable