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Fiber Optic Plastic End Fitting For Star Ceiling
Different Fiber optic plastic end fitting putting on the ceiling makes different star effect.. Makes it easier to drill the holes required for small fibres from 0.75mm to 1.5mm, while giving a slightly softer look to the light. Can help hide uneven holes and makes it easier to seal around when used in a humid area. Fiber optic end fitting, used for star ceiling sky.Fiber optic kits generally contain end piece.
  • Item NO.:GEP

  • Main Material:PE, Rubber

  • Lighting Colour:Changeable

  • Application:Home ceiling, KTV ceiling, Suana Room, SPA room ceiling decorations

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Product Details

Product Details

PMMA Fiber Optics are top choice for creating star ceiling,night sky simulations,as well as other decorative lighting effects. To create a vivid star ceiling lighting effect, the simple and cost-effective way is to use Polymer Optical Fibers to illuminate little crystal ceiling fixtures and fittings.


End caps(tail pieces) are used in optical fiber light decoration, they could amplify diameter of light, make the light more beautiful, fixing the optical fibers would be easier by using the caps.These end fixtures have 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm size. These plastic fiber optic end fittings combine classic styling with modern functionality, which is for decorative and functional applications.


  • Material: Plastics;
  • Quantity: 150pcs;
  • Quantity:200 strands;
  • Weight: about 150g;
  • One end cap kit includes two part: cap+tag(as the picture shows);
  • Suitable for inserting cables from diameter 0.75mm to 3mm.

Product Pictures

  • We have several ceiling end pieces for your choices.The main functions are fixing and protecting fiber optic. Let the stars of ceiling look more brightness and different shape.
  • Final finishers for a fiber optic LED lighting installation. These terminators are the ideal termination for an installation of fiber optic lights. Installation on the ceiling, walls, panels, etc.
  • The installation is simple, because you simply have to drill the false ceiling, put the terminator in the hole, and insert the optical fiber into the terminator.

Product Details:

  • Material: Plastics
  • Quantity: 150pcs
  • Weight: about 200g
  • one end cap kit includes two part: cap + tag
  • Suitable for inserting end-glow cables from diameter 0.75mm to 3mm
  • Used in home star ceiling decoration and wall star light decoration

Product Model

Attention Please: the plastic tag is suitable for inserting 0.75mm and 1mm cables, please inert the cables directly into caps if diameter of cables is bigger than 1mm. Fiber NOT included in package.

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