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Fiber Optic Crystal Glass End Fitting For Star Ceiling
Special reflective crystals and light and special production methods, processes, to reach dreamlike, colorful visuals, giving a warm and romantic feeling, is the preferred decorative lighting products and bath entertainment center, received numerous design Engineers and nightclubs of all ages. Non-thermal, low power consumption, long life; various patterns, colors and many changes; bright colors. Unique lighting effect: no heat, no UV radiation, green tech cold light source, both functional an
  • Item NO.:GEC

  • Main Material:Metal and crystal

  • Lighting Colour:Changeable

  • Application:Ceiling/wall lighting decoration

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Product Details

Product Details

Optical fibers are great for creating the feeling of sleeping under the stars, but they can also be used for a large number of other innovative lighting designs indoors and outdoors. Fiber optic lighting can be used to create dramatic effects in bathrooms or kitchens, and the ability to separate light output from power has obvious safety applications. You can install fiber optic lighting in the sink or the splash plate next to the sink, or even in the shower room.

Optical fiber lighting features:

  1. Visible light transition
  2. Beautiful surface and durable black PVC jacket
  3. Excellent toughness, can be bent at will
  4. Excellent fiber diameter distribution is even
  5. No UV
  6. Almost no heat, no risk of electric shock
  7. Long service life

  • Model: GEC series end fitting for star ceiling.
  • Materials:  stainless steel and crystal
  • Style: diamond, petal, spotlight, sleet, pentagram, chrysanthemum and more
  • Applications: park, museum, roadsides, ladder, scenic spot and more

Customized designs is welcome!

Product Application

Fiber optic is transparent, flexible, waterproof, long life,low attenuation, excellent evenness , no heat or electricity transfer and no ultraviolet or infrared transmission; Easy to install, low Maintenance, make special light pattern you want on the ceiling. distinctive twinkle effect, may be continuous or fixed.

Installation Instructions

STEP 1: Drill hole size same as diameter of fiber optic or fiber optic cable.

STEP 2: Insert the end piece through the ceiling.

STEP 3: Clockwise twist.

STEP 4: Insert the fiber optic into the hole.

STEP 5: Secure with silicone sealant.

STEP 6: Plug into the power socket.

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